Are you in a buyers or sellers market?

Are you in a buyers or sellers market?
Mar 30 , 2021

How to take the temperature of property demand near you - and the hottest and coldest areas revealed

  • Westminster and Aberdeen deemed the hardest locations to find a buyer

  • Stirling, Bristol and Glasgow are the best places to be a seller right now

  • Experts consider how buyers can still negotiate even in a sellers market

The extension of the stamp duty holiday is tipped to add further fuel to the fire of the property market, but while some areas are blowing hot others are cold.

Headline figures show house prices surging on average but dig deeper and England's property picture is divided into buyer's and seller's markets, according to researchers at PropCast.

It looks at the proportion of properties throughout UK postcodes, which are either for sale, sold or under offer, to determine the buyer demand and how easy or hard it is to sell in each given area.

The higher the proportion of properties either sold or under offer in a given postcode, the hotter the market, and the quicker and easier it should be to sell. Likewise, buyers will find it tougher in a hot market but can negotiate hard in a colder one.


London is the worst region to be a seller according to PropCast with only 36% of its available properties sold or under offer.

Stirling, in Scotland, is seeing the highest buyer demand at present with 75% of its available properties either sold or under offer.

Bristol and Glasgow are also both experiencing exceptional demand, with 71% of properties for sale either already sold or under offer.

As for English counties, Suffolk, South Yorkshire and Northamptonshire are the hottest markets to be selling in at the moment, with only 35% of properties still available for sale in these areas.


But whilst much of the UK and its homeowners are enjoying a sellers' market, there are pockets of the country where properties are struggling to sell.

London is far from being a hotspot, with only 36% of its available properties sold or under offer, according to PropCast's analysis.

Within London, Westminster currently represents England's worst area to be selling a property, with 86% of available properties yet to find a buyer.

The county of Durham is also lagging behind the rest of the UK, with 62% of its available properties waiting to be placed under offer or sold.

In terms of cities, oil economy-dependent Aberdeen is the UK's hardest city in which to be trying to sell your home in at the moment, with only 14% of its available properties finding a buyer.


In London, EC2, EC3 and W1 are the worst postcodes to be selling a property whilst E17, SE24 and SE2 are considered relative buying hotspots at the moment according to PropCast's analysis.